People Who Other People Think Look Like Me


Somewhere in Johannesburg is an irritated individual who is constantly mistaken for me. The implications of this recurring error are what caused me to initiate this work in progress.

The project involves photographing 1. people who are familiar to me, and whose appearances have been likened to mine, 2. people whom I have never met and who are referred to me as lookalikes by friends.

These works have been shown at the KKNK on a show entitled ‘Body: Rest and Motion’ curated by Kathryn Smith, and they have also been shown on ‘Dislocation’, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain in 2001.

Apart from the obvious social implications they have been written about in terms of issues of white security: how white people, in the face of political change, gather together or seek their kind.

The National Gallery of South Africa owns, and has shown, part of this series. Not yet shown in toto.