In the late 90s I was employed by the University of Cape Town to co-ordinate a course for 'street photographers' (freelance photographers working within informal settlements in Cape Town). After a while we split from the institution and formed Umlilo, the first non-profit organisation for 'street photographers' in the city. This organisation provided a hub from which a previously disorganised fraternity could mobilise itself. The core of Umlilo has since gone on to form Impilo Yethu whose activities are represented in many places on the internet. 

Through my friendship with various studio photographers I gained access to their places of work – usually small tin shacks. The end of this gallery also features work by my friend Dumile Mbebe.

These photographs of studios have been shown at the Michael Stevenson Gallery, are part of the permanent collection of the South African National Gallery and have been included on other shows outside of South Africa too, including  Olvida quien soy [Erase me from who I am] at the Centro Atlantico de Art Moderno in the Canary Islands, during 2006.